3DigiR Downloads

On this page various files for the 3DigiR are offered for download.

To download please click on a link with the right mouse button and choose "Save target as…"

Instructions and manuals

User guide German V2.0.0 (07.07.2017)
User Guide English V2.0.0 (07.07.2017)

Setting program

Setup V2.0.1 (06.03.2019)

  • Presets for FlightStyle and HeliSize not preselected in SetupAssistant
  • Added missing Spektrum Sat protocol to Setup Assistent


Firmware V2.0.2 (30.12.2018)

  • Improved timing for the Hott telemetry communication
  • Hott menu scrolling direction can be inverted
  • A fix for a problem in some of the Hott MX transmitter firmwares can be activated, transmitter sends wrong keycodes in certain situations
  • Problem with a Hott parameter is fixed

Jeti Integration

Jeti BIN Datei V2.0.0 (07.07.2017)

  • New settings for current firmware

Android App