Governor sensor settings

This is a short overview about governor sensors and recommended 3Digi PullUp/PullDown settings.

If you have a sensor combination, that is not listed here or a setting does not work, please let us know.

The RPM input of the 3Digi is designed for signal voltages of 3.3V. If the signal voltage of the sensor is higher, a voltage divider may have to be installed there!


Sensor Setting Remarks Link
Hobbywing V3 ESC PullDown

Phase sensors

Sensor Setting Remarks Link
DIY Phase Sensor PullDown
HobbyWing PullDown Needs 3.5V, so must pull power from 4th servo port. Possibly a voltage divider may then be required at the sensor output.

Magnet sensors

Sensor Setting Remarks Link
Spartan Sensor PullUp
AlignSensor PullUp Check and change red and black wire if required
Spektrum Backplate Sensor PullUp
Curtis Youngblood Sensor PullUp
Futaba Backplate Sensor PullDown