3Digi Jeti Integration

Calling the Jeti Integration

The menu item for the Jeti integration can be found in the transmitters Device Explorer. The settings for the receiver and other telemetry sensors can also be made here.


Hint: If 3Digi parameters have been changed using the transmitter, they have to saved permanently in the 3Digi after that, just as in the Terminal or Android App. For this there is a menu item in the 3Digi main menu.


You can also find the control for changing the user mode ("Simple", "Normal", "Expert") here.

Preparations for the 3Digi Jeti Integration

For the 3Digi Jeti Integration you have to make a few adjustments to the transmitter, receiver and 3Digi. These adjustments are briefly described below.

Hint: Since the integration is realized via a second connection to the receiver, a Jeti Rex receiver is required! This also makes it possible to connect external Jeti telemetry sensors in addition to the 3Digi.


In addition to the normal connection for the transmission of the control channels, a second connection has to be made between 3Digi and the receiver. This is done with a special adapter cable (see below) and transmits the data for the 3Digi Jeti Integration and telemetry.


Set the receiver port for the normal control channel transmission (here OutPin 2) to "Serial UDI" protocol and the port for the Jeti integration (here OutPin 3) to "EX Bus".



Connect your Jeti transmitter via USB to your computer, so that the transmitters internal SD card is visible as a drive on your computer.
Download the package/Zip-file with the most recent version of the file "3DIGI.bin" from the 3Digi website, unzip the package and copy the "3DIGI.bin" file and the complete folder "3DigiImg" into the folder "/Devices".


If the big 3Digi logo is missing in the 3Digi main menu and only the following picture is shown, then the folder "3DigiImg" with the image files is missing. Please copy the folder accordingly (see previous paragraph).



In the Terminal set the RC protocol to "Jeti UDI" and the special port to "Jeti EX Bus".


Cable for the connection 3Digi <-> receiver

For the connection of the 3Digi and the receiver a special adapter cable is required.
The following picture shows the cable:


One side of the cable will be connected to the special port of the 3Digi and the other side to the receiver.

The following wires have to be connected between 3Digi and receiver:

3Digi Receiver
TXD Signal

The socket build on the 3Digi is of type JST ZH 4-pin.