Bluetooth module do-it-yourself

The 3Digi provides the ability to connect a Bluetooth module for communication with the Bluetooth app or a laptop.
This module can be easily prepared from inexpensive general-available Bluetooth boards.

The Terminal program supports modules of the type HC06 directly. This module can then be configured directly from the setting program and the PIN can be changed. Read the chapter "Bluetooth module" in the 3Digi user guide for further information. Here is a small excerpt from the text:

The Bluetooth Module HC-06 is especially supported by the 3Digi. The required module settings can be made from 3Digi Terminal. For this connect the module to the special port. Then connect the setting program via USB connection to the 3Digi. By calling the menu Extras|Special|Init Bluetooth module HC06 the initialization of the HC-06 is performed automatically and the appropriate commands for the module will be sent.

Other modules can be used if they have the following settings:

  • 115.200 Bit/s
  • 8 data bits
  • No parity
  • 1 stop bit

The following wires must be connected between the module and the 3Digi:

3Digi Module
3,3V VCC

The socket build on the 3Digi is of type JST ZH 4-pin.
After the connection of the cables the bluetooth module should be protected with shrink tubing.


Assignment of the special port connector (4-pin JST ZH socket)


Bluetooth modules

For the accuracy of the assignments of the board connectors no guarantee can be given. The assignments must be compared in any case with the data sheet or the labels of the board!

HC06 module (recommended)


HC06 module with voltage regulator board


Crius (and similar) modules


Example connection HC06 to 3Digi