Reservation Form

You can register to reserve a 3Digi DIY Kit on this page.

If you just have a question, please use the contact form.

The procedure is as follows -

  • If you're interested in a kit, please enter your name, address and e-mail into the form below (no obligation to buy) and submit it. Don't forget to enter the number of kits you're interested in! A confirmation e-mail will be sent (this can take a couple of days).
  • We'll wait until enough reservations have been collected so we can take advantage of volume pricing on the components. This can take a few weeks per series, please be patient!
  • Offers from several component and PCB manufacturers/shops are compared to determine the current kit price. The price of the last series was about 170€ (currency calculator).
  • We'll send you an e-mail stating the current kit price as soon as we know it. You can then decide, whether you want to buy the kit for this price or not. If so, you should transfer the amount within a few days to the account stated in the e-mail. Since we won't/cannot pre-finance the components for you, the orders will only go out after all kits have been paid for. Should you not want the kit, please tell us via e-mail so we can speed up the process.
  • We'll order components, have PCBs etched, and pack everything up for you to send via registered mail. The whole process can take up to an additional 3-4 weeks. Still, we make an effort to deliver everything as quickly as possible.

Important Note: there is no commercial interest behind this project. We do this in our spare time to make sure you get the price you would if you ordered hundreds or thousands of parts at a time. If you order the parts needed for a 3Digi kit one by one, the total price is considerably higher!

All the logistics and packing of the kits take a lot of work. You'll understand when you have the kit in your hands, if not before - we hope you'll appreciate the work that goes into this and find it easier to remain patient!

You can view the status of the current reservation/order series here.

Here's the reservation form:

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